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Yoga Instructor - Julianne Russell

About Yoga Instructor - Julianne Russell

Julianne began her yoga practice on the East Coast in 2006 after losing her stepfather to cancer. As a way to help handle her grief, a friend began teaching her yoga breathing techniques and instantly there was a shift in her life. When Julianne took her first asana-based class, she knew that she had found something incredibly special.

Yoga Instructor Julianne Russell

In 2008 Julianne packed up her car and made the drive out west to San Diego. She began teaching that fall at CorePower Yoga and has since, through several different studios in the county, taught over 6,000 classes. With training in Vinyasa, Hot, and Yin (Restorative) practices, her teaching style is comfortably familiar, and yet unique in many ways. Her understanding of the body, posture sequencing, and the tone that is set, all contribute to reasons Julianne has a massive and loyal following in the area.

Yoga & Surfing

Shortly after finding her way to California, Julianne got herself on a surfboard and began a completely different, yet somehow very similar, journey into surfing. Her friends often joke about her “most committed award” referencing how no matter the size or conditions, chances are, she’s on a wave somewhere. The power of the ocean, the ever-changing experience of riding a wave, and the humbling sensation of sitting in something as vast and amazing as the water is yoga in action. Whether you are paddling, standing up, or getting crushed by a set, you cannot be anywhere other than where you are at that moment. Completely present and aware, that is yoga.

Julianne’s life revolves around the physical challenges, healing (both physical and emotional) and beauty that is found on the mat, and in the ocean. Without one or the other life seems incomplete, and her passion for both is what allows for deep connection to herself and others.

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