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Driving To Scorpion Bay

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Driving To Scorpion Bay

Driving to Scorpion Bay

Driving to Scorpion Bay is an exhilarating adventure that can require multiple days to do. There are a few different routes to take when driving through Baja. When embarking on a journey to Scorpion Bay, you'll find a couple of routes that lead to this coastal paradise. Each route offers its own charm and scenic delights, ensuring a memorable experience for all. So, let's explore these routes and uncover the wonders they hold.

If you are driving from the US, the shortest route from the border will take at least 12 hours. Whatever your route, all drivers must get to San Ignacio on their path to Scorpion Bay and from there two options exist.

Getting to San Ignacio

Getting to San Ignacio

San Ignacio Lagoon

From San Diego

The first route starts in San Diego and takes you along the coast of the Baja peninsula. Once in Mexico, you'll continue on Mexico Federal Highway 1 (Carretera Federal 1), also known as the Baja California Peninsula Highway. You will pretty much stay on this highway all the way to San Ignacio and it should take around 12 hours to get there. You will pass through Ensenada and Guerrero Negro before hitting San Ignacio.

how to get to San Juanico

Highway 1, near Ensenada

From Mexicali

After crossing the border, head south on Mexico Federal Highway 5 for about 120 miles. Enjoy the vast desert landscape as you drive towards the picturesque coastal town of San Felipe. Next you will continue south on Mexico Federal Highway 5, which will take you along the beautiful coastline. After approximately 60 miles, you'll reach Puertecitos, a tranquil seaside village famous for its hot springs. After driving approximately 150 miles on highway 5, you'll arrive at Bahía de los Ángeles, known for its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life. Consider taking a detour to explore the pristine beaches or indulge in snorkeling or fishing activities. From here, it should be around 170 miles of driving through desert landscapes to reach San Ignacio. This oasis-like town is nestled amidst palm groves and offers a serene atmosphere, making it the perfect place to unwind and connect with nature. We recommend taking a dip in the lagoon after your 12 hour drive, it's quite relaxing.

Getting to Scorpion Bay

Now that you've reached San Ignacio, there are a few options on how to get to Scorpion Bay.

Option 1: Highway 1 - The Scenic Route

If you prefer a reliable and well-marked journey, Highway 1 is the route for you. While it may be slower compared to the North Road, it offers the comfort of paved roads and clear signage that leads you directly to Scorpion Bay. The approximate driving time from San Ignacio is around 8 hours, allowing ample opportunity to soak in the beauty of the region. As you travel along Highway 1, be sure to make time to explore the stunning beaches and hidden coves between Santa Rosalia and Loreto. These picturesque coastal areas offer breathtaking views, pristine sands, and a chance to connect with the natural wonders of Baja California. Take advantage of the slower pace to embrace the serenity and capture memorable moments along the way.

Option 2: The North Road

A Thrilling Adventure For the adventurous souls seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience, the North Road presents an exhilarating alternative. However, it's essential to note that this route is not recommended for inexperienced drivers or those unprepared for challenging terrains. The North Road is largely unpaved, lacks defined roads, and does not have signage to guide your way. As you embark on the North Road, expect to traverse salt flats and encounter stretches of soft sand. This demanding terrain necessitates a sturdy 4-wheel drive vehicle capable of handling multiple surfaces. Additionally, it's crucial to equip yourself with multiple spare tires, digging tools, and ample supplies of food and water. In the event of getting stuck, assistance from fellow travelers may not be readily available. Prioritize safety and preparedness if you choose this route. Opting for the North Road can save you approximately 5 hours of driving time, providing a sense of exclusivity and adventure as you explore the untamed landscapes of Baja California. The solitude and raw beauty along this less-traveled path offer a unique perspective on the region's untouched wilderness.

Getting to Scorpion Bay

Directions for Driving To Scorpion Bay

Aerial view of a section of the North Road

Driving from Loreto Airport

You’ve booked your ticket, rented a car, and you’re ready to drive to the Scorpion Bay Hotel!


Do NOT go North. The road is dangerous and not passable. Leave the Loreto Airport. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Carr. Transpeninsular/Cd Constitución-Loreto/Loreto-Ciudad Constitución/México 1.

Driving from Loreto Airport


Continue on Highway 1. When you reach a town called Cuidad Insurgentes, go RIGHT at the fork here. Follow the signs towards La Purisima to the north, approximately 85km or approximately 1 hour to Las Barrancas. Beware of potholes on this road.

Driving Directions To Scorpion Bay


THIS IS IMPORTANT. After 85km, there is a bend in the road, a water tower off to your left and a sign on your right that reads San Isidro, La Purisima and San Juanico (see photo). Make a LEFT turn. Unfortunately this sign is covered in stickers and can be hard to read! If you have hit a DIRT ROAD, you are on the wrong road. Turn around.


After approximately 10km you will make the first right at the sign that reads San Juanico. The drive from Las Barrancas to San Juanico is approximately 35km and approximately 40 minutes.

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