Due to COVID-19, the reservation policies of the Hotel have been revised and are subject to change without notice based on government or travel restrictions, guidelines, laws, recommendations, et al. that are out of the Hotel’s control.  If the result is the closure of the Hotel or travel is limited in any way, the following will be done automatically:  the reservation will be cancelled, a notification email will be sent to the guest, and a credit will be issued for the full amount to be applied towards room rates at the Hotel within two years of the reservation date.  Therefore, it is recommended that the guest and the guest’s party read the Hotel’s reservation policies in advance of their reservation as cooperation with the new health protocols is mandatory.


                We call it “COVID Clean Cooperation” because it will take our Hotel staff’s and our guests’ cooperation to ensure everyone’s health and safety during these COVID-19 times.  Our staff promises to follow the health guidelines and sanitize the Hotel and we hope that our guests can promise to follow the health guidelines as well and complete some mandatory health protocols required of hoteliers by the Mexican government.


                In order to enter the Hotel, every guest must:

  1. Clean their hands.

  2. Provide their identification and their personal information.

  3. Take their temperature.


                If the temperature is 37.3° C (or 99.14° F) or less, the guest may enter the office to complete their check-in or the Hotel’s premises. 


                If it is 37.4° C (or 99.32° F) or over, the guest will be asked to exit the Hotel and go to our temporary quarantine zone.  There they will complete an online questionnaire provided by the Mexican government.  If it deems the guest suspicious, the local doctor will be called to conduct an evaluation.  If they confirm suspicion of COVID-19, the guest will be taken to a hospital in Constitución in an ambulance.  Medical costs will be the responsibility of the guest and the reservation at the Hotel will be forfeited. 

                Please note that steps 1 and 3 will be required prior to entering the Hotel every time.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




                By receiving a reservation confirmation, the guest and the guest’s party are acknowledging and agreeing to the reservation policies of the Scorpion Bay Hotel.


Prices listed are in US dollars and do not include the Federal and State tax equivalent to 19%.  Taxes, service charges, or other fees are subject to change without notice according to Mexican law.

Credit Cards Accepted- Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, EnRoute and JCB

Must be 21 years of age or older to make a reservation.


Guarantee Policy- A reservation confirmation received from the Hotel’s reservation system, Cloudbeds, guarantees the best price and the availability of the rooms reserved.  Rates confirmed are for the number of guests listed in the confirmation, per room, per night, and do not include additional charges for extra guests and will apply only to rooms booked as part of the reservation.  All rooms are not to exceed the designated number of guests per room and no exceptions will be made.  In some rare instances, guests may be moved to a room or rooms of equal or greater value when it benefits the guest(s).  Rooms may not be available until after the designated check-in time.


Promotional Code Policy- Promotional codes must be applied prior to confirmation of a reservation.  Requests to apply codes retroactively will not be honored.  Codes applied must be received directly from an agent of the Hotel.  If fraudulent application is suspected, the Hotel reserves the right to not honor the code.

Non-Refundable Cancellation Policy- If the reservation is cancelled 30 days prior, then a full refund will be issued.  If the reservation is cancelled within 29 days, then the guest will be charged for one night of their reservation and the remainder will be given as a credit for the remaining amount to be applied towards room rates at the Hotel within one year of the reservation date.  Failure to contact the Hotel or show up before check-in time after the first night of a reservation will result in forfeiture of the entire reservation.  If the guest leaves prior to the end of the reservation, the remainder of the reservation will be forfeited.


Change of Date Policy- Changes within 30 days of the reservation are subject to the non-refundable cancellation policy.  We will reasonably try to accommodate guests’ requests for changes. 

Group Policy- For reservations made via our Group Package, a 50% deposit and a credit card on file are due in order for rooms to be held and for Hotel’s agents to work on the package and the person in charge of the group must acknowledge with a signature that they have read and understood the reservation policies.  Groups of 10 or more are required to rent the entire and to order dinner and breakfast for their entire group at the Hotel’s restaurant.  Menu selections from the package must be made 30 days in advance, otherwise the options will be selected for you.  Changes are acceptable up to 30 days prior to the reservation date, but on that 30th day, the remaining balance will automatically be charged to the credit card on file and the reservation policies will apply hence forth.  If the reservation is cancelled 30 days in advance, then a fee of up to $200 US may be charged to the credit card on file based on the work done by the Hotel’s agents.  If the group has changed upon arrival, no refunds or credits will be granted. 

Act of God Policy- In the event of an act of God, the guest will receive a credit for the full amount of their reservation to be applied to room rates only and must be used within one year of the reservation date unless otherwise stated.  The spirit of this policy refers to natural disasters and global pandemics and the result of such calamities and not a lack of waves or poor weather.


Credit Policy- Any credit issued to a guest by an agent of the Hotel must be applied to room rates only and must be used within one year of the reservation date unless otherwise stated.  Credits are non-transferable. 


OTA Policy- All guests of the Hotel are subject to these reservation policies regardless if an OTA says otherwise.  If there is a contradiction, the guest must contact the OTA.    

Pet Policy- Dogs are allowed at the Hotel. Any dog related damages will be automatically charged to the credit card on file accompanied by an email with an explanation, photo evidence of the damage if possible, and a receipt.

Smoking Policy- A $250 US fee will be assessed to the credit card on file if there is evidence of smoking in the guest’s room(s).  An email notification will subsequently be sent to the guest including a receipt.

Privacy Policy- All guests’ contact information will not be sold to a third party.


Reservation policies are subject to change without notice.