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Driving directions from THE US BORDER

It is required by Mexican law for guests driving from the US to Mexico to have a tourist visa and liability insurance for their vehicle.  Tourist visas can be obtained at all points of entry and liability insurance can be obtained online.

Baja Bound Insurance: Click Here


If you are driving from the US, the shortest route from the border will take at least 12 hours.  Whatever your route, all drivers must get to San Ignacio on their path to Scorpion Bay and from there two options exist. 


OPTION 1: Stay on Highway 1.  It is the slower of the two options but the sure way to go with paved roads and signage that lead you to Scorpion Bay.  From San Ignacio, this route is approximately 8 hours with some very beautiful beaches and coves between Santa Rosalia and Loreto to admire.

Please see our detailed directions below.


OPTION 2: Take what is known as the North Road.  However, most of this route is unpaved with no defined roads and no signage.  If you have never driven the North Road, our Hotel does not recommend it.  The route goes through salt flats and very soft sand and 4 wheel drive and a vehicle to handle multiple terrains is a must.  Multiple spares, digging tools and food and water are recommended in case you get stuck along the way.  It is the road less traveled and there may be no other travelers available to assist.  If you do go this route, it saves approximately 5 hours.

Rental Cars

The companies available at the Loreto Airport are Ace, Alamo, Europcar, Fox and Hertz. (Click company above to learn more)


It is recommended to make a reservation in advance, pay in advance and present your confirmation receipt upon arrival. 


Be sure that your vehicle has a spare tire and tools to change one just in case.


4 wheel drive is not necessary as the road is paved all the way.

TAXI/Public Transportation

If you prefer to not rent a vehicle, the only public transportation available from Loreto to Scorpion Bay is via taxi. 


There are always plenty of authorized taxis and taxi vans waiting at the terminal and able to pick up in San Juanico with the fare each each way starting at approximately $300 US. 


Each taxi has straps for surfboards.


Please contact our office for help scheduling a ride.    

Driving directions from Loreto

You’ve booked your ticket, rented a car, and you’re ready to drive to the Scorpion Bay Hotel!


Please follow our directions as the Google Maps version is wrong and will take you on a dangerous road north. DO NOT go north, go south as you can see in the map. 


But don’t worry, we’ve made a step by step guide AND you can print out a PDF version to bring with you. Click the PDF button below to download.


Loreto to Hotel Map.png


How to download offline maps to phone


Download the app to your cell phone BEFORE leaving home. This map works offline, without service and will get you there the CORRECT way. 


Open the app and search Baja California, Mexico, or go to Baja California on the map and zoom in. It will ask you if you’d like to download maps. Download them. 


Once you’ve downloaded the Baja California Maps, click this link on your phone where you can download the map guide: to Scorpion Bay Hotel from Loreto Airport


Make sure before you leave, all of these steps have been completed so that you can access them without service. If you’re having any issues please see the support page here.



Do NOT go North. The road is dangerous and not passable. Leave the Loreto Airport. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Carr. Transpeninsular/Cd Constitución-Loreto/Loreto-Ciudad Constitución/México 1. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 2.51.08 PM.png


Continue on Highway 1. When you reach a town called Cuidad Insurgentes, go RIGHT at the fork here. Follow the signs towards La Purisima to the north, approximately 85km or approximately 1 hour to Las Barrancas.  Beware of potholes on this road.

san juan sign.JPG


THIS IS IMPORTANT. After 85km, there is a bend in the road, a water tower off to your left and a sign on your right that reads San Isidro, La Purisima and San Juanico (see photo). Make a LEFT turn. Unfortunately this sign is covered in stickers and can be hard to read! If you have hit a DIRT ROAD, you are on the wrong road. Turn around. 


After approximately 10km you will make the first right at the sign that reads San Juanico. The drive from Las Barrancas to San Juanico is approximately 35km and approximately 40 minutes.  


Once you reach San Juanico, veer left at the fork to be on the main road Dionisia Villarino. Follow the road nine blocks until you reach La Joya and turn right.  Our Hotel is on that block on the right side.

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