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Point Breakdown
first point

First point creates the smallest, slowest, gentlest, and often shortest waves, but it is a perfect spot for novices to maximize their surfing potential through quality amounts of face time.

Second point

Second point accepts most of the swells that come into the bay and therefore the most consistent of the 4 points and usually the most crowded. Depending on the swell, Second Point is where most surfers visiting Scorpion Bay for the first time get the ride of their life. The steady offshore winds create long, perfectly peeling waves that will allow you to cruise and play for well over a minute. The paddle back to the lineup can be strenuous, but the memory and prospect of more waves makes it well worth it.

third point

Third point is for more advanced surfers because it can get fast and hollow. It is somewhat difficult to access due to the steep bluff and the lava rocks on shore, but it is the place of legend. When the swell is big enough, Third point can to connect to Second point creating a ride in excess of 3 minutes long. There are not too many places on Earth where this is possible.

fourth point

Fourth point is also somewhat difficult to access and the form is not as good as the other 3 points. The angle of the point bends just enough so that the winds don’t hold up the waves as they do at the other 3. When there is a swell and the winds are calmer, Fourth point can be just as good as Third and is usually less crowded.

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