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How To Get Better At Surfing

Updated: Mar 26

Surfing is a tough sport and takes tons of patience and desire to get good. Learning to surf demands patience, resilience, and a willingness to embrace both good and bad that comes with it. Let's go over some steps on how you can improve your surfing game.

How To Get Better At Surfing

How To Get Better At Surfing

Consistency is Key

Consistency is key for almost any sport, and surfing is no exception. Commit to regular sessions in the water, as it is very important to familiarize yourself with the waves and different conditions that come everyday. Whether it's dedicating weekends to surf trips or squeezing in dawn patrols before work, prioritize consistency in your practice. The more time you spend on your board and in the water, the better you'll become. Remember, if you are learning, make sure to stick to beginner areas. In Scorpion Bay specifically, you'll want to stick to 1st Point and 2nd Point, or the nearby beach breaks.

Familiarize yourself with the Ocean

pend some time getting to know the waves at Scorpion Bay. Check out how they roll in, where they break, and how they behave. Understanding the how the wave breaks, swell directions, and where to sit, will give you a massive advantage out there. Watching from the bluff is a good way to do this. Scorpion bay has 4 major points, start with familiarizing yourself with 1st and 2nd Point.

How To Get Better At Surfing

Set Realistic Expectations

Improving your surfing skills requires a realistic outlook. Progression in surfing is gradual, and setbacks are inevitable. You will have countless very frustrating experiences in the water no doubt. Embrace the learning curve, understanding that every fall is a lesson. Set achievable goals for each session, whether it's mastering a new maneuver or simply improving your wave selection. Celebrate small victories along the way, maintaining a positive mindset as you strive towards your long-term objectives.

Invest in the Right Equipment

The importance of investing in the right surfboard and wetsuit cannot be overstated. Tailor your equipment to suit the conditions at Scorpion Bay, opting for a board that complements the long waves. Consider seeking advice from any of your local surf shops or seasoned surfers familiar with the waves at Scorpion Bay. A well-suited surfboard and a decent wetsuit will not only enhance your comfort and maneuverability but also facilitate your progression in the water. If you are on the beginner side of things, bring some kind of longboard or mid length and try to get some long rides. Look for a mushier and mellow spot to surf and go from there. For most people who surf, you'll want a wetsuit. Probably a 3/2 is a good spot to start and you'll for sure get tons of use out of it, even in Scorpion Bay.

Tips To Get Better At Surfing

For more insights into the types of surfing waves and different types of surfboards, check out these informative resources:

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