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Meet Kai Watanabe Our Summer Intern!

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Hombres y mujeres, we are excited to introduce Kai Watanabe, Scorpion Bay Hotel’s summer intern!

Meet Kai Watanabe Our Summer Intern!

Kai will be down in Baja until the end of August helping promote the hotel, offering surf lessons, guiding day trips, helping our onsite staff with our happy hours, and scoring leg burners – lucky guy!

Here is a note from Kai:

Hola a todos!

My name is Kai Watanabe and I have been blessed to spend my summer as an intern at the Scorpion Bay Hotel in beautiful San Juanico!  I am going in to my fourth year at San Diego State University and am pursuing a degree in Recreation and Tourism Administration with an emphasis in Sustainable Tourism.  I have been surfing my whole life and am determined to make a career out of it any way possible.

I was born and raised in Venice, California and have basically grown up in the ocean.  My dad is an avid surfer as well and he instilled a love for the ocean and surfing in me at a young age.  Another love he instilled in me was a love for Baja!  I have been traveling to Baja, Mexico since before I could remember and have honed my surfing in the epic, uncrowded waves that are plentiful in this region.  Every time we would visit Baja, my dad would talk about a surf trip he did when he was much younger to a spot in Southern Baja named Scorpion Bay.  He would talk about the rugged camping he endured but also of the longest ride he has had in his life.  Scorpion Bay has always been on my bucket list of surf spots and when I arrived a week and a half ago, I was not disappointed.

The variety of surf at Scorpion Bay in unmatched. 

There are fast, peeling rights that seem to go on for days.  There are waves that even someone who has never surfed before can ride for over a minute.  There is a wave here that can match anyones stoke and surfing ability!  Even at 2 ft, you can hop on a longboard and have the time of your life!

Since I have arrived at the Scorpion Bay Hotel, I have experienced nothing but hospitality and warm welcomes from everyone I have encountered.  The town of San Juanico is the perfect place for one to relax and unwind.  The tempo is slow and the people (locals and visitors) are some of the friendliest I have ever met.

During my time as an intern at the hotel,  I hope to connect with as many people as possible, teach some groms how to surf, and observe how a successful surf hotel is ran!  It wouldn’t hurt to score some epic waves as well!  I hope to see you down here and show you all the things San Juanico and the Scorpion Bay Hotel has to offer!


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