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Scorpion Bay's 5 Step Guide to Perfect Surf

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

As the days get longer and the water warmer, the conditions for surfing down at Scorpion Bay get closer and closer to perfection. With waves that have been known to last up to two minutes long on a perfect swell and can get you at least a 30 second ride on a good day, you shouldn’t waste any time before heading down. With the waves getting so amazing and since the season for surf travel is fast approaching, Scorpion Bay Hotel has put together this guide to surfing etiquette for those of you new to this and as a reminder to those experienced wave riders.

  1. Respect is key. Respecting the ocean and respecting the people out there with you will ensure a great session. When you go out on your board, it is so important to remember that the ocean is a beautiful and natural resource and that it is currently suffering from over pollution; do your part and pick up any trash you see. Also respect the fellow surfers that are out there with you by keeping things friendly and taking your time.

  2. Dropping In is a no-no. In surfing, there is a right of way. Dropping in refers to cutting in front of surfers who are about to ride. You also need to wait in line and don’t keep snaking around people to get back in the front. That is very looked down upon and can be considered hogging waves.

  3. Own up to your mistakes. Although it can be hard sometimes, apologizing if you made a mistake keeps good vibes between everyone

  4. Check out our point breakdown so you know which one is best for your level of surfing. This is important for your safety as well as if you are in a spot that is too advanced, it might irritate the other surfers around you. That being said, if you see someone struggling, don’t be afraid to help them out. It’s key to look out for one another.

  5. The one rule that everyone surfing must follow is… have fun!

So now that you know the basics, it’s time to get to the beach of San Juanico and enjoy your time on those muy long waves. See you there!

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