Whales Making Waves!

When the days are long and the sand is warm that means can only mean one thing… It’s officially Spring time in Baja California! We are getting our swimsuits and surfboards out and running to the beach because the water is looking more inviting than ever (and we aren’t the only ones who think so)! During March and April, the ocean’s most majestic creatures can be seen from the coast of Baja California. That’s right, it’s whale watching season!

Over 15 types of whale species can be seen along the baja coast, but the most common species of whales seen at this time of year include the California Gray Whale, Orcas, Sperm Whales, Humpback, and even Blue Whales. You can also see different types of water inhabitants such as dolphins (usually in large super-pods of 50 - 100), and whale sharks. Whale Sharks eat the plankton and algae in the water and since they stay relatively close to shore their intimidating size may scare some (they are the largest fish in the world) but they are totally harmless and many love going snorkeling to get near them.

So as the water gets warmer and you’re more tempted to get in, make sure you grab some snorkels or binoculars because you never know what you might see! Better yet, book a tour or an expedition and see oceans wonder up close and personal. What better reason to come down than to get closer to nature and learn about the creatures that you share the ocean with!


Even though whale watching excursions are an exciting way to get to see and learn about nature, please be sure to be respectful of the animals and the ocean. Do not litter and do not harass the animals in anyway. If your boat is getting too close to the whales it could scare them and cause them to act unnaturally so please do not ask your captain to get closer than they are regulated to. We must remember that in the ocean we are the visitors and so must treat it as such. Safe and respectful tours allow for us to continue to be educated about the wonders of nature and let’s nature continue to flourish!

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