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What To Wear Surfing

Updated: Mar 19

Surfing in Scorpion Bay is a unique experience, with its long, perfect waves and the true culture of Baja. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or just starting, choosing the right attire is pretty important in terms of comfort, safety, and optimal performance. In this post, we'll explore a roundup of items to wear when surfing in Scorpion Bay.

What To Wear Surfing

What To Wear Surfing In Scorpion Bay

Let's dive into a collection of essential items that not only enhance your style but also contribute to a seamless surfing experience.


Material: Neoprene.

The most common piece of apparel in surfing is the wetsuit. We always recommend packing a few wetsuits on your Baja vacations, as water temperatures are constantly fluctuating. For colder waters, longer surf trips, and just to stay in the water longer, a wetsuit is essential. It provides insulation, keeping you warm in the chilly Baja surf. Choose a thickness suitable for the water temperature, and ensure a snug fit to maximize its effectiveness. Depending on the month you plan to visit, we'd recommend a 3/2 or 4/3 full suit, a wetsuit top and some kind of 'shortie.' Either a shirt leg or short arm suit is good to have. You'll likely get the most use out of the wetsit top. Hopefully you won't need to wear any of these, but you for sure want to have them just incase!

What To Wear Surfing

Rash Guard

Material: Typically made from quick-drying, stretchy fabric.

A good choice for any warm water spot and perfect for the Baja summer. A rash guard provides protection against UV rays and helps prevent skin irritation caused by wax on your board. Choose a long-sleeved option for extended surf sessions, offering additional coverage and protection against the intense Baja sun.

Board Shorts and Bikinis

Material: Quick-dry polyester or a blend of polyester and spandex.

Board shorts and Bikinis are a staple in every surfer's wardrobe. Opt for a comfortable, quick-drying pair that allows for unrestricted movement. Look for designs that reflect your personal style while ensuring durability to withstand the rocks and sand of Baja.

Surf Hat

Material: Quick-dry fabric with UV protection.

Protect your face and eyes from the bright Baja sun during those extended surf sessions. A surf hat with a wide brim provides shade, reducing glare on the water, and is secured enough not to be lost in the waves.


Material: Neoprene or durable fabric.

A leash is crucial for keeping your board close to you and prevents dangerous situations. Choose a leash that matches the length of your surfboard and is strong enough to withstand the waves at Scorpion Bay. You don't want to be swimming in on the rocks from losing your board, so make sure to pack a few leashes!


Material: Neoprene.

If you're planning surf trips to colder waters or rocky surf spots, surf booties are a game-changer. They provide thermal insulation and protect your feet from sharp rocks and reef. Not essential, but it's not a bad idea to just throw a pair in.


Material: Durable, water-resistant materials.

A surf watch is a practical accessory, helping you keep track of time and the tide during your surf sessions. Look for a water-resistant model with essential features like tide information. Apple watches seem to perform pretty well, but there are much simpler watches out there to get the job done.

Whether you're chasing south swells or exploring different surf breaks along the Baja coast, these carefully chosen items will have you looking stylish and ready to cruiseeee. Cheers amigos!

For more insights into the world of surfing, check out our posts on Types of Waves and Different Types of Surfboards. Happy surfing!

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