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Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Scorpion Bay Hotel Blog


Friends, Baja enthusiasts, surf-junkies, adventure seekers, nature-lovers, and those who have ever felt what it’s like to surf the perfect wave or get in touch with the magic of Baja: this blog is for you. If you’re looking for photos, videos, and stories on the latest surf, you got it! How about local happenings in San Juanico or Baja California? Done! Maybe you’re even wondering how to get to Scorpion Bay, what kind of food to eat or want to learn about the Baja 1000? We’ll be sure to let you know.

This blog intends to supply you with the finest content of all things surf and all things Baja. So if you’ve prepared yourself to be dazzled by pictures of crisp blue waves, golden sunsets, and of course, lots of surfing, then we suggest you continue reading and get stoked!

You might be wondering why Scorpion Bay Hotel is choosing to write to you. After all, shouldn’t we just post pictures of our cozy, comfortable rooms at great rates, available on We think that the voices of our guests, and the spirit of Baja deserve their own voice, and thus, here it is.

As always, a blog wouldn’t be a blog without your shared experiences and stories, and that’s why we are always seeking to publish what’s hot! Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you love about #surf, #baja, and #scorpionbayhotel.

“I really enjoyed my stay. The help was excellent.  Especially Davy, very helpful, informative, and friendly. It was a great trip, even found a couple rare lefts… “-Kolton Gustafson

Scorpion Bay Hotel Blog

Kolton Gustafson checking out the break at a stay in August, 2014. The photos show 3rd point on a proper swell.

Kolton Gustafson surfing

Kolton taking advantage of our “muy long” waves in Scorpion Bay! You might be wondering how he is going left, in the land of right point-breaks. Well, sometimes with the right swell, there can be some fun little lefts off the rock at first point or on the inside of second point!

“Most relaxing vacation we have had in years, away from the bustle and hustle of tourist destinations.  A jewel!” -Elaine Robbs
Harrison Robbs surf board

Harrison Robbs, ready for a surf break. Did you know Scorpion Bay has four main surf points, making it one of the longest waves in the world, and also great for beginners and experts alike?

Harrison Robbs | Scorpion Bay Hotel Blog

Elaine Robbs with Harrison Robbs

Elaine Robbs with her son Harrison, displaying a tortoise shell from their stay at Scorpion Bay Hotel in July, 2014.

A big South swell in the summer of 2022, had surfers pumped up for some long rides.

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