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Best Time To Surf Scorpion Bay

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Best Time To Surf Scorpion Bay

Best Time To Surf Scorpion Bay

Scorpion Bay holds a very special place in our hearts. The local people, the food, the town itself and the energy, all add to the overall surf culture that we live for. After you spend a week down here, you will understand the true meaning of a Baja vacation and surf experience. You’ll also be craving the local cuisine weeks after you return home.

Scorpion Bay has a clear time of the year that is the best for all things surf related. With that said, there are other months of the year that frequently, but not always, provide some under the radar swells where crowds aren't as much of a factor. Let’s break down the months and specifics you’ll need to know about Scorpion Bay. Our best piece of advice would be to always track and check the swells before your trip, as mother nature is alway changing and unfortunately, the waves are not always firing. Checking Magic Seaweed and the forecast is a good way to prepare yourself.


Summer is the clear winner in terms of scoring those world class waves you’ve heard so much about. The big South swells and hurricanes are what create the reeling, steep, perfect waves along the rigidity rocks off the points. The summer also has that dreamy warm water and hot air, but also has more surfers in the water. If you’re looking for an overhead wave to get 20 turns on, or nose ride for 30 seconds, then June- August is typically the best bet for getting that.

Summer - Best Time To Surf Scorpion Bay

Photo taken in July 2022


Fall is a really nice time to be down in Baja, with the air temperatures starting to cool down and the water still nice and warm. In October, we quite often see some under the radar swells come through where crowds aren't as much of an issue. Fall is a perfect time to come for some small, but still perfect, waves. Grab the 9’0 log and get some time on the nose, or get some stylish turns on a fun sized fish. While October can be fun, November/December are usually pretty flat.

Surfing in the fall

Photo taken in October 2020


Spring is exciting, as South swells are on the horizon. Typically March and April are still pretty slow in terms of swell and good waves coming through the bay. In the chilly waters of May, we might see the first South swell of the year and score some fun-sized waves.

Spring surf at Scorpion Bay

Photo taken in May 2022


The winter months in Scorpion Bay are always the slowest months for waves and anything surf related. If you are looking to enjoy the culture of Baja with some cooler air and no crowds, then the winter is for you. Every once in a while there’s some off the radar swells and you could score some rides down third point with a few buddies. This is sometimes a great time for a beginner to come snag a few long rides on their 10 '0, as long as you don’t mind throwing on a wetsuit.

Winter surfing at Scorpion Bay

Video taken in January 2023

Time of Day To Surf

When we look closer at specifics of when to surf, it will all depend on the tide and size of the swell on that given day. A super high tide can be fun with a big enough swell, but if the waves are small, you will be dealing with a very mushy face and some backwash. With a point break, a medium tide is usually the best, so that the wave isn't too mushy, nor too fast. A super low tide can often result in some speedy sections, but a much steeper face. A low tide at 2nd point and 3rd point, can often result in some fun little barrels, if there is enough swell in the water.

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