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How Old Do You Have To Be To Book A Hotel

Updated: Mar 5

Choosing your hotel is a key step in the process of trip planning. From location and amenities to budget and reviews, there's a lot to consider. Booking a hotel room, however, can be a time-consuming process, filled with details that require careful attention. In this post, we'll go over the process of getting a room and the minimum age required to book a room at Scorpion Bay Hotel.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Book A Hotel

How Old Do You Have To Be To Book A Hotel

Each hotel operates under its unique set of policies, and age requirements are no exception. The age at which you can book and check into a hotel varies, adding a layer of complexity to the already intricate web of travel planning. At Scorpion Bay Hotel, like many others, there is a minimum age requirement for guests to book a room.

Step 1: Making your Reservation

The first step in this process is going to be making your actual reservation. Choose the dates, number of nights and whichever room you want that makes sense for you or your group. You will also be asked for providing details such as your name, contact information, and payment details (credit card authorizations forum). Check out our booking page here! In order to make a reservation at the Scorpion Bay Hotel, you must be 21 years of age or older.

Step 2: Arrival at the Hotel

Upon arrival at the hotel, the first step is to check-in! Check-in time is at 11:00 am. You'll need to present a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport. This is where age restrictions come into play. As mentioned earlier, The Scorpion Bay Hotel, requires you to be 21 years or older.

scorpion bay hotel staff

Step 4: Room Assignment and Access

After completing the necessary paperwork, you'll be guided by one of our staff memebers to your one of a kind hotel room. Feel free to let the staff know if there is anything you need! (Like a margarita) Now it's time to enjoy Baja, yewww! Go for a surf or have a nice cold drink. This is the reason you're coming to Baja right?

Step 5: Check-Out Process

The final step in the hotel stay is the check-out process. This is the day you've been dreading, but its time to hand back the key. Check out time is at 3:00 pm!

For more specific details about the Scorpion Bay Hotels reservation policies, click here!

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