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Local Attractions in Scorpion Bay

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Scorpion Bay, renowned for its iconic surfimg, is a hidden gem nestled along the Baja California coastline. But there's more to Scorpion Bay than its famed point breaks. Catering to various traveler interests, San Juanico has something for everyone to enjoy.

Local Attractions in Scorpion Bay

10 Local Attractions in Scorpion Bay


The most obvious attraction to Scorpion Bay is the world class surfing and waves it has to offer. It is home to one of the longest right-hand point breaks on the planet.


Home to the Baja 1000 (or “Baja Mil”), Baja California is a dirt biking and off roading mecca for adventure seekers around the world. San Juanico is a frequent pit-stop on the Baja Mil circuit and for weekend warriors needing a well- deserved rest at the playa. Off-road groups are frequent visitors to San Juanico, for races and just for fun.

Offroading in Baja


Anglers welcome! San Juanico is a fishing pueblo so you’ll fit right in. Coastal and deepwater fishing opportunities lie in and around the various cliffs, river mouths and all over the bay. 

Horseback Riding:

Have you ever dreamed of riding horseback where the desert meets the waves? Ever wanted to take a romantic ride on the shore with only the moonlight to guide you? The Scorpion Bay Hotel can arrange a custom horseback riding experience tailored to your liking.

Shark Tooth Exploration:

Grab some friends and drive down the coast  to explore the unspoiled, nearby beaches for shark’s teeth and other rare fossils. You might find something pretty cool.


When the surf is flat, kitesurfers take advantage of the regular offshore winds with world-class conditions in the big ocean playground that is Scorpion Bay. With a sand bottom and plenty of options for wind and swell directions, you’ll always have a wave to ride (with or without a kite). 


Embracing its roots as a small fishing village, the culinary scene in Scorpion Bay is a delightful fusion of freshness and authenticity. Visitors can savor the rich flavors of locally sourced ingredients, indulge in traditional Mexican cuisine.

Hiking Nearby Trails:

Explore the scenic trails surrounding Scorpion Bay. From coastal walks to desert hikes, there's a trail for every level of hiker.

Beach Chillin':

Who doesn't love a good beach day? With miles of empty beach surroudning the Bay, this is the perfece place to have an amazing private beach day with your crew.


As the sun sets, lay back and indulge in a mesmerizing stargazing session. The clear Baja skies offer a spectacular view of the stars, without all of the light pollution you'll typically encounter.

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