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The 4 Best Surf Spots in Baja Mexico

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

4 Best Surf Spots in Baja Mexico

Baja California Mexico, contains two states that make up the Baja Peninsula, Baja California Sur (South) and Baja California Norte (North). We always like to say that Baja has a little bit of everything, with the mountainous desert landscape, tranquil nature, off-road adventures, fishing, beachfront access, cuisine, and most importantly, SURFING!

Baja is a unique travel destination that has something for every type of surfer, with different surf breaks all up and down the peninsula. From a barreling beach break to a perfect point break for learning, Baja has something for a beginner or expert. Plan an affordable surf trip where crowds (sometimes) aren't an issue.

4 Best Surf Spots in Baja Mexico

San Juanico

San Juanico, also known as Scorpion Bay is well-known to surfers all around the world due to its famous point breaks, where surfers can ride a wave up to 2 minutes. This remote paradise is broken up into 4 points that are best for surfing. First and Second Point are best for long-boarders and all skill levels, while third and fourth point offer a steeper face and a more high performance wave. The most consistent months for surf are June, July and August, where the water is warm and we see the biggest south swells. With that said, there are seven points that offer waves and some of the more exposed points can pick up swells at all times of the year. October and November are very beautiful months in San Juanico and we often see fun, but smaller swells with less crowds. There is always a chance for waves and mother nature can provide a swell when we least expect it!

San Juanico Best Surf Spots in Baja Mexico


Located 18 miles south of the United States border crossing, Rosarito is home to some famous punchy beach breaks and point breaks. A spot like Baja Malibu offers some really fun and peaky beach break waves. Other spots like K-38, La Fonda and Las Gaviotas offer a longer ride, but are often a bit more crowded. Depending on the size of the swell, most of these waves can be ridden at all levels of surfing.

Rosarito surf spot

Photo Courtesy of Surfline

Cabo San Lucas

Located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, a popular tourist and surf destination. Over the years, Cabo has created a very unique surf culture. With the variety of beaches and warm water, it has become a surfer's paradise. Regardless of your skill level, Cabo has something for everyone. Zippers is one of the best waves in this region, known for the fast and rippable right along the cobblestone reef. Another break right down the road for a more mellow and intermediate surfer is Oldmans, hence the name.

Cabo San Lucas | Best Surf Spots in Baja Mexico

East Cape

The East Cape Region extends from several miles east of San Jose del Cabo along the Sea of Cortez and is home to some of Cabos most fun surf spots. Two of the best places to score some surf are 9 palms and Shipwrecks. Shipwrecks is a right, reef point break that can handle some swell. 9 palms is one of the most popular waves on the East Cape and with the right swell, you could smack some proper turns all the way down the beach.

East Cape surfing

Photo Courtesy of

Tips For Baja Mexico Surfing

A Lot of the spots we mentioned are fairly remote, so here are a few things to keep in mind when traveling to Baja!

  • Make friends with and respect the locals

  • Always pack extra water, food and snacks

  • If you are driving, keep a shovel handy

  • Pack Sunscreen, Personal Prescriptions, Toiletries, Reusable water bottle, Flashlight or headlamp, Jumper cables and tire pressure gauge, Phone charger or any other chargers, Full suit wetsuit (3/2 or 4/3), Wetsuit Top, Flip Flops, An extra surf leash

  • Surf with a good attitude

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