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We've had some work done...

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

If you have been following us for a while you may have noticed that we have…had some work done. Yes that’s right, our website has had a facelift and we are loving it! We thought it was time to show off the true Scorpion Bay Hotel and give you all a better understanding of our brand and vision. Before, we did not feel as though the true beauty of our hacienda architecture, our desert oasis, and the astounding waves were being shown to their full potential. Of course it is still not up to par to when you are here in person so you will just have to book your next stay to see what we mean!

Other than the overall amazing, new aesthetic of the site a few of the major changes we have made include: surf forecasts and reports (so you can follow the wave straight to us), news about the airport that is coming to Scorpion Bay soon (because we want you to be able to get here as quickly as possible), and information about the easiest way to travel to our hotel (while we wait for the coming-soon airport). The site is now much more user friendly and modern; it has been what we have envisioned for a long time but now have had the resources to follow through with our visual goals.

We would love to give a huge shout out to Lucianna, a loved and valued member of our marketing team! She has been helping create all our visual content and really constructing our vision into a reality. If you have noticed how awesome our newsletters and marketing efforts have been looking, then you have noticed her work and we are so lucky to have her on our team!

We would like to encourage you to explore our new website and give us any feedback you have! We did all this for you so please surf around and contact us here on what we can do to better serve you, our valued guests!

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