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Adios Verano ~ Bienvenidos Invierno

Summer 2016 Highlights

MUCHAS GRACIAS to our number one woman, Mother Nature, as she brought us #wavesfordays this summer down at The Bay.  Starting out May 1st, similar to last May, south swells hit The Bay all summer long!  From chubasco Newton, to high school graduations and surfing with legends, summertime in San Juanico was extremely eventful! Here are some of our most memorable highlights from the summer of 2016.


JULY 8, 2016 – Scorpion Bay Hotel was happy to attend the graduation of the first high school class of San Juanico.  After 3 years of hard work, late night classes, and amazing support from their classmates, family and teachers, 18 proud students celebrated their high school graduation.

san juanico high school graduation

(First high school graduate of San Juanico – Professor Gabriel Aguilar Villavicencio and his graduates)

Three years ago, students who finished middle school (known as Secundaria), did not have the option of attending high school in San Juanico.  Their only option was to attend high school in Prepa San Yisidro, Loreto or La Paz.

Scorpion Bay Hotel was a proud sponsor of the graduating class.  SBH donated the graduates’ caps and gowns and had the privilege of attending the dinner put on by the local school.  It was an honor to celebrate such a special day and to witness the FIRST HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES of San Juanico!

Felicidades a los alumnos del Telebachillerato numero 3 de San Juanico!!  Estamos orgullosos de ustedes!!  Buena suerte en la universidad.

Congratulations to the first high school graduating class of San Juanico!  We are so proud of you!


For the second time in 6 years, Scorpion Bay Hotel hosted Dr Jeffrey Rutgard and his family to perform eye cataract surgeries to people in the local region.  Over a long weekend, the eye doctor performed over 100 exams and evaluations and conducted 26 sight restoring surgeries.


As we said earlier, Mother Nature was kind enough to provide us with waves all summer long!  That being said, we were graced with some VERY special guests this summer.

Taylor at Scorpion Bay Hotel | Summer 2016 Highlights

Taylor hanging at Scorpion Bay Hotel (May 2016)

“Had some incredible dinners @scorpionbayhotel with @paulvracar and @klloyd526 @mfarkas.  If you’re ever down there it’s a great place to hang!” – T. Knox.

The SBH staff was stoked to share waves, drink beers and spend some quality time with Taylor and his crew!  We look forward to having you back soon, Taylor!

Taylor and staff at Scorpion Bay Hotel

(Taylor y sus amigos & SBH familia)

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the one and only Steph Gilmore who was hanging and lucky enough to score an epic swell.  Along with some other surf legends that will be left unnamed…

Local surfer Samuel & Steph Gilmore

(Local surfer Samuel & Steph Gilmore @ 3rd point)


Meet Hecman ‘Chino‘ Aguilar.  A local grom, aspiring surfer and all around GREAT HUMAN!  SBH has been the proud sponsor of Chino and has had the opportunity to send him to 6 surf contests over the past year.  Chino has been ripping, making it into the nationals in Cabo this past August and big plans for his future as a professional surfer!

Chino Aguilar | Summer 2016 Highlights

Stay tuned for ‘A DAY IN THE LIFE CON CHINO AGUILAR’. Chino will give us some local secrets on hidden surf spots, local eats, what to do when the waves are flat and what it’s like growing up in the glorious town of San Juanico.

Surfer at San Juanico

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