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Airports In Baja California Sur

Updated: May 20

For quite some time now, Baja California Sur has become a sought-after destination for various types of travelers. Annually attracting a considerable number of visitors, Baja is renowned for its accessibility, and one of the quickest ways to reach its enchanting locales is by air. In this guide, we'll provide insights into several key airports in Baja California Sur, serving as gateways to the place we all know and love.

Airports In Baja California Sur

Airports In Baja California Sur

Los Cabos International Airport

Location: San Jose del Cabo

Connectivity: Well-linked to major U.S. and Canadian airline hubs

Distance from Baja Center: Approximately 20 miles

Los Cabos International Airport is a fairly common travel spot that caters to the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula. Situated in San Jose del Cabo, this airport boasts excellent connectivity, making it a preferred choice for travelers looking to explore the southern part of Baja.

Tijuana International Airport

Location: Tijuana

Connectivity: Extensive connections to U.S. cities

Distance from Baja Center: Approximately 1,000 miles

Tijuana International Airport serves as a major gateway to the region. With extensive connections to various U.S. cities, it provides a convenient option for travelers looking to explore the diverse attractions of Baja California Sur. Although located a bit farther from the central regions, the airport's connectivity makes it an accessible starting point for those eager to embark on their Baja adventure. Many travelers will cross over to this airport from the US and fly to other airports throughout Baja. The prices are much more affordable and it's a great way to get to your favorite surf spots in Baja.

La Paz International Airport

Location: La Paz

Connectivity: Direct flights from select U.S. cities

Distance from Baja Center: About 100 miles

For those venturing into central Baja, La Paz International Airport is a gateway worth considering. With direct flights from select U.S. cities, it provides convenient access to the capital city of Baja California Sur.

Airports In Baja California Sur

Loreto International Airport

Location: Loreto

Connectivity: Direct flights from California

Distance from Baja Center: Approximately 350 miles

Loreto International Airport serves the northern reaches of Baja California Sur. Offering direct flights from California, it provides a convenient entry point for travelers seeking the natural beauty and tranquility of this part of the state.  If you are looking to visit Scorpion Bay, this is the closest option. From the airport it's about a 2 hour drive to the land of rights.

Ciudad Constitucion Airstrip

Location: Ciudad Constitucion

Connectivity: Limited regional flights

Distance from Baja Center: Around 250 miles

Ciudad Constitucion Airstrip provides a more localized entry point for travelers exploring the central regions of Baja California Sur. While offering limited regional flights, it contributes to the accessibility of this diverse state.

Whether you're seeking the vibrant energy of Cabo San Lucas or the serene landscapes of Loreto, these airports serve as crucial links to the beauty and adventure that Baja has to offer. So, if you're planning your planning a Baja adventure, consider the convenience and accessibility provided by these key airports. Safe travels!

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