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Baja Surfing Map

Updated: May 20

Along the amazing coastline of Baja California lies a true surfer's haven, boasting a plethora of awe-inspiring surf breaks that entice enthusiasts from every corner of the globe. With waves catering to surfers of all skill levels, Baja offers a diverse array of surfing experiences. From gentle waves ideal for beginners to barreling beach-breaks that thrill seasoned pros, Baja California presents multiple styles of waves to cater to every surfer's delight. Embarking on a surf trip to Baja is a truly unique adventure, promising an unforgettable journey filled with delightful surprises, mesmerizing beauty, and, above all, a variety of perfect waves to ride. In this blog, we created a map with some of our favorite Baja surf spots for you to take a look at and see what they are all about.

Baja Surfing Map

Baja Surfing Map

man surfing in Baja

Baja Malibu, Ensenada

Along the stunning Northern Baja coastline, Baja Malibu stands proudly as one of the premier surfing spots in the region, boasting high-performance peaky waves that will leave any surfer in awe. This beach break is renowned for its exhilarating barrels and distinct sections, offering surfers the opportunity to ride some truly memorable waves. When the right swell rolls in, Baja Malibu's perfect meter soars, delivering multiple barreling peaks along the sandy shoreline. As an intense beach-break, it is best suited for shortboard enthusiasts, especially those seeking the thrill of challenging steep take-offs. The prime window to experience its full potential is between October and January, when the conditions align most favorably. However, even during the rest of the year, with the right swell and winds, Baja Malibu continues to offer a super fun and rewarding surfing experience to all who dare to ride its waves.


K-38, a legendary surf spot in the heart of Ensenada, Baja California, stands as an emblem of wave riding excellence that draws alot of surfers down from San Diego. Revered as one of the best in the region, K-38 boasts high-performance peaky waves that leave a lasting impression on those who ride them. Surfing aficionados are treated to a spectacle of big walls and perfectly formed sections, making for some fun waves. The best time see it pumping is between October and January when the conditions align.


A quintessential gem of northern Baja's surf scene. Its user-friendly, long, right-hand point break attracts visitors seeking solid south swells and offshore winds. The nearby reefs ensure there's always something to surf. Hotels, restaurants, and clubs line the cliff, offering a lively atmosphere. While you won't find solitude, the vibrant community of fellow surfers adds to the allure of this captivating destination. Embrace the waves and create unforgettable memories in the heart of northern Baja's surf adventure.

Todos Santos

Todos Santos, a coveted big wave surfing destination, holds a revered position among Mexico's premier surf spots. Situated near Todos Santos Island off the enchanting coast of Ensenada in Northern Baja, this remarkable location draws thrill-seeking surfers from far and wide. The allure of Todos Santos lies in its status as a legitimate big wave arena, where the presence of a vast underwater canyon generates powerful, long-period swells that transform into massive waves along the point. Aptly dubbed "Killers," this formidable spot demands the utmost respect and caution, making it suitable only for the most experienced surfers who possess the skill and expertise to tackle waves exceeding 20 feet and beyond.

La Fonda

Among a plethora of right-handers, La Fonda emerges as a rare left-hander delight, causing surf enthusiasts to explore its allure. Located at the river mouth/point just a short drive south of Rosarito, this gem holds a prominent position in Baja Norte's surfing landscape, known and frequented by both locals and surfers from the San Diego area. The easy accessibility from San Diego ensures a lively lineup, with the beach break alongside the left point offering hollow, rippable peaks that not only alleviate crowd pressure but also add a touch of delightful variety to the surfing experience.

San Miguel

San Miguel, hailed as the finest and most quintessentially 'localized' gem in Ensenada and Northern Baja. Renowned for its exceptional wave quality, San Miguel boasts a long, super rippable right-hander that offers a steep face, tailor-made for seasoned rippers and those who relish carving turns. Comparisons to novelty waves like Rincon or Trestles are well-deserved, as San Miguel's stretched-out face can gracefully handle substantial swells. For those seeking to catch the best of this wave, the months from November to March provide the prime opportunity. However, a word of advice: respect for the local crowd is crucial if you wish to relish a rewarding experience at San Miguel. Paying homage to the local surfers and their cherished spot will undoubtedly enhance your experience here.

Scorpion Bay

San Juanico, more affectionately known as Scorpion Bay, holds a legendary status among surfers worldwide, drawing enthusiasts from every corner for its iconic point breaks, where an exhilarating ride can stretch up to an astonishing 2 minutes. This surf haven boasts four distinct points, each catering to various styles of wave riding. Long-boarders will find their nirvana at First and Second Point, relishing in 30 seconds of graceful nose rides. On the other hand, the more adventurous surfers can unleash their skills at Third and Fourth Point, where steeper faces and high-performance waves invite up to 25 leg-burning turns. For those yearning to catch the perfect wave, the most consistent months are June, July, and August, during which warm waters and sizable south swells converge for an unforgettable surf experience. Beyond the waves, immerse yourself in the authentic spirit of Baja within the charming Pueblo of San Juanico, where the true essence of this magical coastal wonder awaits.


Within the beauty of the East Cape lies a true surfing haven, Shipwrecks, boasting some of Baja's finest waves. This proper right-hand point throws waves along the reef in a secluded, idyllic beach setting. Undeniably the crown jewel of the East Cape, it's no surprise that this gem draws a lively crowd of surfers from all aroid. Embrace the Baja vibes and have make a beach day out of it, while trading off some waves with your buddies.


Elevating the surf scene in Cabo San Lucas, Zippers stands as one of the region's finest waves. With just a few good rides, you can have an unforgettable session. This right-hand beauty forms gracefully at a river mouth, offering a smooth takeoff outside exposed rocks. As it glides along the cobblestone reef, it gains momentum, inviting you to showcase your skills with hackable lips and air sections on its inside section. A wave that maintains its size throughout, Zippers allows you to progressively refine your turns. The only drawback? Its immense popularity makes it Cabo's most crowded wave.

Nine Palms

A cherished Baja Sur pointbreak, Nine Palms has remained a top pick on surfers' Cabo itineraries for decades. While not considered world-class, its popularity on the East Cape is undeniable. When an overhead summer S swell hits, Nine Palms transforms into an exhilarating wave with reeling walls and perfectly crackable sections. Time it right, and you might even score a sneaky barrel.

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