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San Juanico's High School is in its Second Year and it Could Use Your Help

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

At Scorpion Bay Hotel, our familia extends to more than just our guests and beloved employees, it includes all of the locals of San Juanico. We know that the experience of staying at our Hotel would not be the same without the community that the town has to offer and we have a commitment to support our community in the best way we can.

San Juanico is a quaint town with a population of about 1,000 people with the nearest city being over an hour drive. It’s secluded location is an asset to tourists who are trying to get away from the distractions of everyday life, but to the locals it’s location can come at a cost. Until recently, San Juanico had no high school, or to the locals “prepa,” which stands for Preparatoria, for the students to attend. After the students finished Secundaria (middle school), they would have to commute to the nearest city in order to obtain a high school education.

San Juanico's High School is in its Second Year and it Could Use Your Help

Over the past few years, San Juanico has developed a high school of night classes for students to continue studying. Both students and teachers work during the day and then spend the extra time at night to learn and enhance their education. Currently borrowing the same campus as the middle school, teachers must share space in different hours showing a true dedication to scholarship.

Last year, Scorpion Bay Hotel celebrated San Juanico’s first high school graduating class! We donated cap and gowns to the 15 graduating students; it was a joyous occasion where everyone was filled with pride by what had just been accomplished. Although large bounds have been made towards success, San Juanico still is making strides towards more accessible education.

students in San Juanico

This year, the Hotel has donated soccer uniforms for both middle school and high school soccer teams.

With a space that is overcapacity and the class sizes growing each year, San Juanico is raising funds to build a separate high school facility and be able to pay teachers enough for them to teach during the day. Scorpion Bay Hotel is on a mission to help realize these plans, but we welcome any and all contribution to the triumph of education.

pack for a purpose
We are in the process of partnering with Pack for a Purpose, a non-profit that pairs tourists with local causes.

In order to participate, you can pack certain items in your suitcase to bring with you that will be donated to students and teachers of San Juanico. Please visit Pack for a Purpose for more information and stay tuned for our profile as an Accommodation/Tour Company on their site. For a list of items needed now, please click here.

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