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Scorpion Bay Hotel makes the list of North America's 'Best Surfs'

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Scorpion Bay Hotel makes the list of North America's 'Best Surfs'

When we opened Scorpion Bay Hotel, we knew that the more popular places to surf were in the north, or way out west, in Hawaii. But we strongly believed that Baja California Sur — especially in San Juanico — was a place like no other in North America: unbelievable breaks; tranquil nature; and the rich culture that only Mexico can offer. We still stand by that, as we continue to welcome new visitors each year who come to find out what surfing in Mexico is all about.

That’s why the latest piece of news is even more exciting to tell: Scorpion Bay Hotel just made the list of North America’s best places to surf.

You heard it right: FlightNetwork, North America’s leading travel agency, said that our establishment was a must-see for any lovers of surf, because it offers a wholly unique experience. We’re ranked alongside some of the most famous surf schools and spots in the country.

Here’s what was written about us:

Ah, Baja California Sur. This Mexican peninsula is one of the country’s most famous landscapes, esteemed for its resorts, off-road adventures, fishing, beachfront access, cuisine, and—most importantly for this guide’s purpose—surfing. And for that reason, you’ll want to associate yourself with Scorpion Bay Hotel in San Juanico, which has been praised by magazines and websites for its extraordinarily long wave, perfect for longboards. Multi-level lessons are offered every day from the resort; once you return home from the waves, there’s a relaxing garden, A/C-ed rooms, and an authentic Mexican restaurant waiting for you. And before you ask, yes, there are cervezas.

You’ve got that right. The siesta and surf await you here, at the Scorpion Bay Hotel. We look forward to welcoming visitors in these last two months of solid sun, and any new FlightNetwork readers who will pay us for a visit. See you soon! And be sure to check out FlightNetwork on Facebook and Twitter.

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