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The 14 Best Surf Spots in Mexico

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Best Surf Spots in Mexico

The 14 Best Surf Spots in Mexico

Mexico has become a famous surf destination for travelers all over the world, with a coastline that stretches for almost 4,000 miles. Among all the beautiful landscapes and nature, comes all types of waves. From a pristine point break to a hefty barreling beach break, there is something for everyone and all skill levels. Much of the Northern regions of Mexico contain desert and dry landscapes, while the Southern regions have a very tropical climate.

Mexico is truly a special place and the surfing culture thrives all throughout the country. Let’s dive into some of the spots that have people frothing out of their minds.

If you’ve ever surfed before, then you’ve most likely heard of or seen videos of Puerto Escondido. Puerto Escondido, on the coast of Oaxaca, is Mexico’s most famous wave, due to the massive beach break barrels it spits out. Pro level and expert surfers from all over the world come to the ‘Mexican Pipeline,’ to get some of the best (and biggest) barrels of their lives. Summer to late spring through September, is the best surfing season in Puerto Escondido. This is when you will see those 10-15 foot waves roll through and shake the whole beach. There isn't only world class surfing on offer in the town of Puerto Escondido. There are tons of other activities for other members of your group to enjoy, like seeing baby sea turtles, whale watching, visiting local towns, food tours and exploring the beautiful nature.

Puerto Escondido

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Scorpion Bay, Baja California Sur

San Juanico, also known as Scorpion Bay is known to surfers all around the world due to its famous point breaks, where people can ride a wave up to 2 minutes. There are 4 points that are best for surfing. First and Second Point are best for long boarders looking to spend 30 seconds on the nose, while third and fourth point offer a steeper face and a more high performance wave to slash 25 turns on. The most consistent months for surf are June, July and August, where the water is warm and the biggest south swells roll through. Get the true ‘spirit’ of Baja in the little Pueblo of San Juanico.

Best Surf Spots in Mexico

The East Cape is home to some of Baja’s best waves, like Shipwrecks. A proper right hand point that reels along the reef in a nice remote beach area. This is the best wave on the East Cape, so expect somewhat of a crowd when visiting. For sure an amazing time to pack some food, chill on the beach and go for a few surf sessions throughout the day. Being in Cabo, there are tons of other activities and attractions nearby to keep everyone happy. Hit the town for some drinks and dancing before you wake up to surf the next day. The recommended time period to visit is April through October, especially if you want to surf your brains out.

Shipwrecks, East Cape

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Yup, another highly rippable right hand point in Southern Mexico. “Barra,” as many call it, located on the pacific coast of Mexico, brings surfers from all over to get a taste of some legit surfing. While the area is quite beautiful, there isn't much to do besides surf, resulting in some pretty hefty crowds. Nonetheless, an amazing warm water right that offers barrels and extremely rippable sections for you to enjoy. Summer will be your peak season for waves and crowds down in Barra. If you plan to visit, be respectful of the ripping locals and keep that true Mexico culture alive.

Barra De La Cruz | Best Surf Spots in Mexico

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Located in Southern Mexico in the state of Oaxaca, is an epic zone of waves known as Salina Cruz. If you’ve ever seen a photo or video of a dredging right barrel in Mexico, it is most likely from this region. Another beautiful and amazing surf area located in Oaxaca, where many world-class surfers are making the trip to score those long barrelling point breaks. While you might score some of the best waves of your life, you could also go on fishing tours, explore the many uncombed beaches or make the trip to Oaxaca City to really take in the culture.

Salina Cruz, Oaxaca | Best Surf Spots in Mexico

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About 15 miles South of the US border is the town of Rosarito. Rosarito is full of fun waves, especially the well-known spot of K-38’s. This is a pretty well known spot, due to its location right off of HIghway 1 and how it consistently has fun waves. K-38 isn't a super perfect wave, but it can handle size and is a relatively long ride. A Lot of people from San Diego and Southern California will make a trip down here to get a little taste of Mexico for the day. South Swells are the best for this region, making it fun in the Summer, Fall and Winter.

K-38, Rosarito

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Baja Malibu, probably one the best waves in Northern Baja, is a high performance peaky beach break where you’ll see some good barrels and sections. On the right swell, Baja Malibu ranks pretty high on the perfect meter, creating multiple barrelling peaks along the sandy beach. Being a somewhat heavy beachbreak, you will have the most success on a shortboard, especially on some of those steep take offs. The best time to score is going to be October through January, but can still be super fun the rest of the year with the right swell and winds.

Baja Malibu, Ensenada

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San Miguel, probably the best and most ‘localized’ spot in Ensenada and Northern Baja. This is for good reason because of how good the waves get. A long, super rippable right that gives a steep face, made for rippers and people who can slash some good turns. People often compare San Miguel to novelty waves such as Rincon or Trestles, as it has that steep, stretched out face that can handle some real swell. If you are looking to score, then November to March is when you will want to visit, but make sure to be respectful of the local crowd if you want to have a good experience here.

Playa San Miguel, Ensenada

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An exposed pointbreak with fairly consistent surf, located on the northern end of Bahia de Banderas and very close to Puerto Vallarta. Winter is typically the best time to get some of those long perfect waves it has to offer. The great part about Punta Mita is there are tons of opportunities for other surfing adventures and activities to do in the nearby towns and areas. With Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita so close by, there’s a lot of options. The warm water and perfect waves give every skill level of surfer a chance to score something fun.

Punta Mita, Nayarit

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Sayulita has two fun breaks for surfers to see. A proper right with a little beach break on the inside in front of the town and then a nice left in front of the campgrounds. Both of these are great for a shortboard or longboard and are fairly mellow waves. Being right in the thick of the town and the tourism, comes a crowd of locals and visitors, so be prepared for that. Sayulita offers all the aspects some people look for on a trip to Mexico. You can surf all day, party all night, eat some amazing food, explore nearby towns and really experience Mexican culture with a hint of tourism involved.

Sayulita, Nayarit | Best Surf Spots in Mexico

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Calafia is an exposed right hand point break in Northern Baja that offers consistent surf. A Lot of the nearby reefs will pick up almost any swell in this area, so it can be fun at some of the surrounding spots as well. This region of Ensenada has tons of Hotels and restaurants right along the bluff, so it is a cool experience for travelers and for other members of the group who want to explore around.

Zippers, one of the best waves in the Cabo San Lucas area, is an exposed reef break that runs along the cobblestones on the inside. It is a very fun, rippable wave that can usually be surfed for any skill level, depending on the swell. As one of the best waves in Cabo, it comes with a pretty hefty crowd most of the time, so keep that in mind.

Zippers, Cabo San Lucas

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Todos Santos/Killers, Ensenada

One of the few big wave surfing experiences in Mexico is Todos Santos. It is located by Todos Santos Island off the coast of Ensenada in Northern Baja. Being a legitimate big wave, there is a big underwater canyon that generates long period swells into big waves down the point. Hence the name, Killers, it is a good idea to stay away from here unless you are a very experienced surfer who can handle 20 ft plus waves.

Todos Santos/Killers, Ensenada

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Off the Pacific coast of the state of Colima, is a heavy beach-break called Pascuales. An aggressive, peaky break, similar to Puerto Escondido. Much like Puerto, if you aren't a skilled surfer who’s ready to get pounded, then it is probably best to sit back and watch the action from the beach. The town doesn't have too much on offer for visitors besides relaxing on the beach, eating local cuisine and surfing, so this might be a trip for the hard core surf group of friends. The waves are fairly consistent year round and with the sand, there are multiple areas you could try to surf. With that said, in the summer you’ll see some of those massive south swells and spitting tubes.

Boca Pascuales, Colima

Photo Courtesy of Wave Tribe

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