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12 Surfing Facts

Updated: Apr 13

Surfing is a sport that knows no boundaries; it unites people across the globe, transcending language, culture, and race. The exciting feeling of riding a wave is universal, and the more you dive into the world of surfing, the deeper your appreciation for it grows. Surfing has become a sport for many people to enjoy, for many reasons. Today, we're excited to share a round-up of surfing facts!

Surfing Facts

12 Surfing Facts

1. The Polynesian Origins of Surfing

Surfing has ancient roots dating back to Polynesian culture. It was a significant part of their society, and chiefs often demonstrated their prowess in surfing as a display of leadership. The act of "wave-sliding" wasn't merely a sport but a way of life, deeply ingrained in the Polynesian coastal communities. So, it seems people have been surfing for thousands of years already.

2. Duke Kahanamoku: The Father of Modern Surfing

Duke Kahanamoku, a Hawaiian native and a five-time Olympic medalist in swimming, is credited with popularizing surfing. In the early 1900s, he introduced surfing to the world, showcasing its beauty and excitement. Duke's passion for surfing transformed it from a regional pastime to a global phenomenon. If you are interested to learn more about Duke, check out Waterman.

3. The Evolution of Surf Contests

The first official surfing contest took place in 1928 at Corona del Mar, California. Today, competitive surfing is a mainstream event, with world championships drawing elite surfers from around the globe. The World Surf League, or the WSL, is the forefront of competitive surfing today. The WSL showcases top-tier talent, both male and female, in various events that comprise the Championship Tour (CT), where surfers compete for the prestigious title of World Champion. The WSL plays a pivotal role in shaping the sport's direction, fostering global recognition, and advancing the culture and professionalism of surfing on an international scale.

Surfing Facts

4. Kelly Slater: The Unbeatable Champion

Kelly Slater, an icon in the world of professional surfing, has an unmatched record. He has clinched a record 11 World Surf League titles, marking his dominance and exceptional skill in the sport. Slater's achievements have solidified him as a true legend in the surfing community. He is commonly known as the GOAT 🐐, in the surf community.

5. The Thrill of Point Breaks

Point breaks are waves that break over a rocky or shallow coastline. They offer long, consistent rides, making them a favorite among surfers. These breaks create some of the most thrilling and sought-after surfing spots globally. Scorpion Bay, is known as one of the best right-hand point breaks in the world, where surfers get some of the longest waves of their lives.

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6. The Gathering of 66: Most People on a Single Surfboard

In 2015, 66 people set a world record for the most people standing on a surfboard simultaneously, further exemplifying the spirit of unity and fun that surfing embodies. Check out the video here.

7 The Rise of Wave Pool Surfing

Wave pools have revolutionized the accessibility of surfing. Surfers no longer need to rely solely on the ocean for the perfect wave. Wave pools provide consistent waves, making it easier for aspiring surfers to learn and enjoy the sport. The most notable wave pool today, The Surf Ranch, located in Lemoore, California, is an artificial wave pool facility created by the World Surf League and surf legend Kelly Slater. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the Surf Ranch allows surfers to experience an unparalleled and customizable surfing experience, replicating the power and shape of an ocean wave in a controlled environment.

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8. Surfing Through a Global Lens

Surfing is enjoyed worldwide, from the sunny coasts of California to the pristine beaches of South Africa. The love for the sport transcends borders and has created a vibrant and diverse surfing culture across the globe.

9. The Importance of Ocean Conservation

Surfers often have a close connections with the ocean, making them passionate advocates for its preservation. Many surfing communities actively participate in ocean cleanup initiatives and environmental conservation efforts to ensure the oceans remain a haven for surfers and marine life alike. The Surfrider Foundation is a prominent organization.

10. Surfing: An Olympic Sport

In a historic move, surfing made its Olympic debut at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games, marking a significant milestone for the sport. The inclusion of surfing in the Olympics brings the excitement and elegance of wave-riding to the grandest stage of athletic competition. Surfers from various nations showcased their skills and passion, vying for Olympic medals and making their mark in the annals of sporting history. Surfing's entry into the Olympics not only raises the sport's profile but also introduces it to a broader global audience, igniting a new era of growth, recognition, and inspiration within the surfing community.

11. STAB Magazine: The Wave of Online Surf News

STAB Magazine, a prominent name in the world of surf media, stands as a pioneering online surf publication delivering an edgy and unfiltered perspective on the surfing world. Launched in 2004, STAB has carved a niche for itself by offering a unique blend of surf journalism, innovative storytelling, and captivating visuals. Known for its thought-provoking articles, in-depth interviews, and cutting-edge content, STAB covers a wide spectrum of topics—from surf culture and travel to professional surfing and the latest industry trends. They now offer a premium streaming service, that has tons of entertaining content. If you are a hard-core surf fan, then STAB premium is a must.

12. Surfing Forecast and Community Hub stands as the go-to destination for surfers seeking real-time wave and weather data, surf forecasts, and an engaged online community. Established in 1985, Surfline has evolved into a comprehensive digital platform offering a wealth of information critical to surfers around the world. It provides detailed surf reports, live streaming of surf spots, forecasts for swells and tides, and expert analysis to help surfers plan their sessions with precision.

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