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24 Hours of Power In San Juanico

Updated: Apr 13

Helipad 24 Hours of Power In San Juanico

24 Hours of Power In San Juanico

This Helipad (pictured above), also known as San Juanico’s baseball field, welcomes the CFE (Comision Federal de Electricidad), which claims they will bring 24 hours of electricity and finally put San Juanico on the grid.

This is HUGE for the people of San Juanico! This means no more spoiled food, no more having to pay for diesel to run generators, and no more ending the baile’s early because the power goes out. A game changer for the pueblo, local businesses, fishermen, tourism, schools, and most importantly the people, who deserve to have this basic necessity to succeed.

24 hour power would mean business as ‘usual’, and by ‘usual’, I mean the usual that we take for granted everyday – 24 hours of power. Now let's hope that the CFE follows through with what they say, and enables San Juanico to have the resources that they deserve.

Check out this article to read more about the CFE bringing electricity to San Juanico.

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