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Make Noise for This Year’s Baja 1000

47th Annual Baja 1000

The 47th Annual Baja 1000

What could be more nostalgic than tradition, glory, and a little dirt on the tires? Well…we think nothing. With that said, a race as classic as the Baja 1000 deserves accommodations as classic and authentic to Mexico’s shining peninsula as Scorpion Bay Hotel. So follow this exciting sport, stay tuned for more pictures as we capture the action next month, and don’t forget that Scorpion Bay Hotel is the premier place to stay for teams, sponsors, volunteers, and pit crews in San Juanico, Baja California Sur.

This November marks the 47th Annual Baja 1000, one of the most exciting, high endurance, off-road races in the world, taking over 120 teams on 1,130 miles of challenging desert terrain in our very own backyard, Baja California. Trophy trucks costing an upwards of $100,000 sponsored by big names like Red Bull and Monster Energy aren’t just playing, they mean business. But with the grand prize only a fraction of what it takes to fuel and maintain one of these trucks, one can only wonder what inspires teams and racers alike to endeavor in such a challenge. Maybe it’s the bragging rights, the adrenaline, or simply the magic of Baja (we hope it’s the last one). What we do know is that this renowned desert race wouldn’t be complete this November 12-16 without passing through our home in San Juanico as racers journey the 18+ hour non-stop course from Ensenada to La Paz.

If you’re passing through with your team, here are some features at Scorpion Bay Hotel that will rev up your engines:
  • Comfortable and spacious rooms

  • Daily complementary breakfast

  • Storage for all trucks and equipment

  • Local fresh catch dinner options.

47th Annual Baja 1000

Baja 1000 race

Baja 1000 race

Baja 1000 race trucks

Baja 1000 race route

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