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Weekend Itinerary- Scorpion Bay

Updated: Jan 23

Embarking on a weekend getaway is like pressing pause on the chaos of daily life, an opportunity to unwind and simply relax. In this post, we will provide your weekend itinerary for your relaxing Baja vacation to Scorpion Bay.

Weekend Itinerary- Scorpion Bay

Weekend Itinerary- Scorpion Bay

Day 1: Arrival in Paradise

Your Scorpion Bay adventure commences with your arrival to town. You've either just driven for a few days, or just secured your rental car from the airport and then hit the scenic dirt roads leading to Scorpion Bay. The journey itself is a big part of the experience, offering glimpses of the mesmerizing Baja California Sur landscapes. The traveling is all worth it, especially the second you roll into town and see waves. After settling in at the Scorpion Bay Hotel, you can go watch the sunset by the bay with a cold margarita in hand. Time to relax!

Day 2: Surf and Relax!

After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, start the day by going for a surf at any of the points. Take the whole family down to first or second point for a beach day with surfing. Or, head to third or fourth point to score some waves.

After you're surfed out, head back to the hotel and just relax! Have some lunch and take a nap. It is vacation after all. After you've relaxed, go explore the town and the all the amazing local shops and markets. Since you're out, you may as well go check the waves again and suit up for a sunset session.

Scorpion Bay itinerary

Day 3: Explore!

There are numerous opportunities to explore unspoiled beaches and find some hidden 'treasures' in Scorpion Bay. There are two great options that you can make a day trip out of and have a private beach day. The beaches from 5th point and beyond are all private and secluded beaches where groups can enjoy and you may want to take a quick dip in the water, surf the unnamed waves, or just take a day away from other surfers at the first 4 points.

Another option is to head south from the Hotel, where within a couple miles the beach faces more west. Take the beach route or follow the south road out of San Juanico and you will have access to miles of beach breaks and river mouths. These sandy wide, wide open beaches make for a fun day trip of exploring and hunting for fossils, shark teeth, shells and other goodies. You'll come back with a tons of 'treasures' to enjoy.

After a beach day, it's time for happy hour at the hotel. There might even be some live music from the local band 'Los Primos' if you're lucky. Either way, a margarita and some tacos will hit the spot.

Day 4: Off-roading and Chillin'

Explore the rugged terrain of Scorpion Bay's surrounding landscapes. There are multiple places that offer quad rentals, or take your lifted truck for a joy ride! Venture along the East Road, a dirt road that winds through desert landscapes, rocky canyons, and scenic overlooks. The region surrounding Scorpion Bay is crisscrossed by a network of off-road trails, offering breathtaking views and exhilarating challenges.

Once you're back in town, go to the beach! Go surfing or hang with the crew.

Scorpion Bay quad rentals

Day 5: Scenic Farewell

On your final day, savor the beauty of Scorpion Bay before bidding a farewell. Explore the surroundings you haven't checked out yet, grab some fish tacos by the beach, and have FUN!

However now it's time to head home. Safe travels amigos!

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