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Map Of Baja Peninsula

Updated: Feb 6

Along the western coastline of Mexico, the Baja Peninsula is a one of a kind region known for its surfing, offloading, fishing, adventures, food, diverse culture, and many other exciting attractions. Understanding the layout of Baja can greatly enhance your travel experience and create the trip of a lifetime. In this post, we will explore the Baja Peninsula and share a detailed map for you to look at.

After taking a look at the map, you will see a lot of the locations that we will talk about below. These are some of our favorite Baja destinations that we think you'd enjoy too. Each spot offers a unique experience to travelers and is often very affordable. PDF version of map available below!

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Map Of Baja Peninsula

Map Of Baja Peninsula

San Diego:

Located just north of the Baja Peninsula, San Diego serves as a gateway to the Baja region. While not part of the peninsula itself, San Diego is often the starting point for many Baja adventures. Starting your journey from San Diego to the Baja Peninsula offers a seamless transition from the border to Baja's coastal beauty. Ensure proper documentation for crossing the border!

San Felipe:

On the eastern side of the peninsula, San Felipe has some amazing beaches along the Sea of Cortez. This coastal gem is perfect for those seeking relaxation and water activities. For people seeking a little adventure, rent some quads and rip around the sand dunes! San Felipe to La Paz presents a scenic route along the Sea of Cortez. Discover hidden coves, have some tacos, and just take in the views.

San Juanico:

San Juanico, also known as Scorpion Bay is a quiet paradise along the Baja peninsula, most well known for the world class surfing, also has tons of possibilities for other travelers. It truly offers something for everyone in the family to enjoy, with diverse fishing, surfing, horseback riding, kitesurfing, off-road adventures, unique foods, beach days and much more. A great place to explore the rich culture of Mexico and feel ‘the true spirit of Baja,' while also getting the longest wave of your life. If you are wondering where to stay, The Scorpion Bay Hotel is your answer. It is a small boutique style hotel, which includes 9 unique rooms, containing 15 beds in total. Each room has its own features that gives guests the perfect taste of Baja.

Baja Peninsula

Cabo San Lucas:

Situated at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is a popular destination known for its vibrant nightlife, fun beaches, and iconic landmarks like the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. Cabo is always a good time for the whole crew, as there are tons of options for activities.


Unlike its some of the more popular areas in Baja, Loreto remains relatively untouched by mass tourism, offering a peaceful escape for travelers seeking a nice little getaway. If you're visiting San Juanico by plane, you'll likely be flying to the Loreto airport. So if you wanted to explore the area, that could be a good time. The vibes are laid-back and fun.


Enjoy stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife in this coastal town, just south of San Diego. There are tons of fun beach breaks and reefs for surfers to enjoy in this region as well. IF you're over the crowds, this might be a good option. And while you're down there, score some fresh tacos from the local vendors.

San Quintín:

Explore the amazing landscapes, including salt flats and diverse wildlife.

La Paz:

Known for its laid-back atmosphere and stunning beaches, La Paz invites travelers to enjoy its vibrant local culture. La Paz offers a perfect blend of natural wonders and urban delights, with its pristine beaches, and local markets. Whether you're exploring the historic Malecón, eatimg TONS of fresh seafood, or embarking on an adventures in the nearby Espiritu Santo Island, La Paz promises an authentic Mexican experience.


Savor local wine, indulge in seafood delights, and admire Baja's rugged coastline. Well known surf spots like Calafia, Las Gaviotas and San Miguel draw a lot of people down and truly add to the culture of Ensenada. So don't forget to pack your board!

Todos Santos:

Wander through an artsy, bohemian enclave with captivating charm and culture.

IF you're more into surfing specifically, check out our 'Baja Surfing Map,' to see some of our top spots in Baja. We hope your Baja adventure is awesome, cheers amigos!

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